Time to dream about your garden!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

How Can I Help You?

As a garden coach, I can assist you as you develop your garden. I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (Zone 7B) but lived much of my life in New York City (Brooklyn).

I work with people who want to do the work themselves (I CALL THEM D.I.Y. GARDENERS)  but I can also recommend people who can help you in more ambitious tasks where a designer or contractor would be helpful.

My work as a Garden Coach addresses your dream of a garden, which could include:
  • perennial border
  • flower bed of annual flowers mixed with perennials
  • butterfly garden
  • herb garden 
  • containers on your deck and window boxes
  • vegetable garden
  • composting area
I hope to assist you in finding just the right plan for your hopes and dreams.

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